TV presenter Simon Thomas grateful to Good Samaritan after collapse at Norwich Railway Station

Sky Sports' Simon Thomas. Picture: Matthew Usher.

Sky Sports' Simon Thomas. Picture: Matthew Usher.

Norfolk-raised Sky Sports presenter Simon Thomas has publicly thanked a mystery man who helped him when he collapsed at Norwich Railway Station.

The 44-year-old had been due back in Norfolk to host the Norwich City Football Club end of season dinner on Monday night and despite feeling unwell in the morning decided to still take his train because he did not want to let the club down.

But he took a turn for the worse on the journey heading to Norwich and ended up collapsing on the platform after the train arrived.

Mr Thomas, whose father was an Anglican minister at a number of places across our region, tweeted: 'To whoever the chap from the armed services was who came to my help when I collapsed at Norwich station on Monday afternoon and stayed with me (and missed your train) – thank you so much.'

Later, the Norwich City supporter and former Blue Peter presenter tweeted that he did not remember very much about the incident, adding: 'My sister was on the scene so she knows a lot more than me.'

His younger sister Becky Coman had been asked by Mr Thomas' wife Gemma to pick him up from the station after he deteriorated on the train.

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Mrs Coman, a teaching assistant at Town Close Preparatory School, said she ended up searching the train for her ill brother and when she eventually found him he had managed to get off but was not in a good way.

The 43-year-old from Mulbarton said: 'He was trying to pull himself up on one of the salt grit containers. He knew who I was but he was confused as to where he was and had no strength to stand.

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'A really lovely guy, who had just got on the train, asked me if we were alright, said he was in the armed forces and offered to take his pulse.

'He helped me get him lying down, used my phone to call an ambulance and put his coat on Simon.

'I didn't get the chance to say thanks or ask him what his name was.

'When Simon was a bit better I told him this nice guy had missed his train and so he wanted to find a way to thank him.

'They have put it down to a virus and he's recovering at home now.'

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