Turbine plans for Bodham split opinion

Controversial plans to build a wind turbine in Bodham have split residents living in and around the village.

Many have objected to the proposals saying the 84 metre-high structure will be a blot on the landscape - but others have spoken out in favour of it saying it would benefit the area.

The plans have been put forward by Genatec, a family run company which own Pond Farm off New Road where the turbine would be built.

Genatec has said it will also invest thousands in landscaping by planting hedgerows and woodland as well as making yearly donations to Bodham, West Beckham and Baconsthorpe churches.

Former parish councillor Callum Ringer, who lives near the site, is one of many supporting the plans.

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He said: 'I can see the location from where I live and I have not got a problem with it. The question is what are the reasons for not having this here?

'Looking at what is on the table, it's a fantastic thing for the local area.'

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Mr Ringer, 22, thought those objecting to the plans were 'standing in the way of progress'.

'It bemuses me why anyone sees a problem,' he added.

But many others have slammed the proposals saying the turbine could have extreme results on the appearance of the area and a 'negative impact' on tourism.

David Ramsbotham has lived in Plumstead since 1994 and as chairman of the village parish council said many people had come to him with their concerns over noise, light pollution and the turbine's visual impact.

He said: 'In my opinion it will be visible for absolutely miles around. If anybody can see the wireless mast at Bodham they will almost certainly be able to see the wind turbine.'

'The whole character of north Norfolk will be changed for tourists, from a nostalgic experience of old England into an industrialised landscape,' he added.

David Mack, a director at Genatec, was keen to address the concerns some people had. He stressed the noise of the turbine would be minimal and did not think it would effect tourist numbers as it would be located outside the AONB.

Mr Mack said: 'I went to see exactly the same type of turbine in Lincoln and I stood under it and I can honestly say it's so quiet.

'There are two radio masts near the site and they're used really in the same context as the wind turbine, they all provide an amenity. I would have thought it would have the same effect on tourism the masts have, and they have been there years.'

He added: 'It's in a good location and we need this sort of thing in Norfolk. It's the energy of the future, fossil fuels are dwindling and we do need other options.'

North Norfolk District Council is due to make a decision over the plans in October.

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