Trees to be felled to extend car park at Sandringham Estate

Sandringham trees

Some of the 109 trees which will be felled to make way for more parking spaces at Sandringham - Credit: Chris Bishop

More than 100 trees face the chop to allow a car park at Sandringham Estate to be extended.

Some 109 trees will be cut down if plans to extend the west car park from 413 to 600 spaces are approved. They include sycamores, cypresses, pines and maples.

sandringham trees

Officials said the trees were planted as commercial woodland in the 1960s, meaning they were always intended to be felled - Credit: Chris Bishop

Officials said the trees were planted as "commercial woodland" in the 1960s, meaning they would eventually be felled in any case. More trees will be replanted elsewhere on the estate.

The new parking spaces include 50 earmarked for disabled drivers. The car park extension is the latest in a series of improvements on the estate, including opening up the front of the visitor centre area.

Sandringham Visitor Centre

Areas around the visitor centre at Sandringham have been improved - Credit: Chris Bishop

Parking charges were brought in in February 2020, to help fund the works.

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The Queen's Green Canopy, launched earlier this month,  invites individuals, community groups, businesses and others across the UK to plant trees.

As well as planting new trees, it will protect a network of 70 ancient woodlands across the UK and identify 70 ancient trees to celebrate Her Majesty’s platinum jubilee in June 2022..

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