Travelling abroad? Then brush up on local laws

Many UK drivers heading abroad have no idea about traffic regulations in the country they are visiti

Many UK drivers heading abroad have no idea about traffic regulations in the country they are visiting. - Credit: Pa

Brits looking to travel abroad this summer are being told to brush up on driving practices in other countries.

A survey conducted by Enterprise Rent-a-Car questioned 1,001 adults in the UK about their knowledge of motoring abroad.

The investigation found that 41% of those asked had no idea what the emergency services number was in the country they were travelling to, while a third of drivers were unaware of the speed limits, or even if they were measured in miles or kilometres per hour.

Ben Lawson, vice president of rental for Europe at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, said: 'The findings are very concerning. It seems that many Britons are displaying a laissez-faire attitude to driving in other countries which often have very different driving regulations to those they are accustomed to.'

With many Britons choosing to travel abroad this summer, an amazing quarter of people said that they made no preparation before leaving.

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Almost one in three of those questioned also had no idea as to what the drink-drive limits were in the country that they were planning to visit.

Mr Lawson added: 'The lack of preparation by many first time drivers is a cause for concern, as is the number of drivers we surveyed who have driven abroad previously but still don't seem familiar with many of the rules.

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'The message is simple really – make sure you read up on the local laws for the countries you'll be driving in so you don't put yourself and your passengers in unnecessary danger or expose yourself to a fine. Because when you do get it right, driving abroad can give you the freedom to explore when you're on holiday.'

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