Travellers to be evicted by council after setting up camp in Thorpe Marriott

Travellers were previously on land at Heartsease near the Open Academy. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Travellers were previously on land at Heartsease near the Open Academy. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2016

Travellers that have set up camp in a park just off Pendlesham Rise in Thorpe Marriott, are to be evicted on Friday morning.

Taverham Parish Council, Broadland District Council and Norfolk Police took part in a meeting to agree on a plan to deal with the encampment on the village green just off of Pendlesham Rise, which was set up on Wednesday.

A spokesperson from Broadland District Council said that the meeting took place under the Norfolk unauthorised encampment protocol.

They added: 'The decision was made that the Parish Council would issue a notice to those camping on the land tomorrow morning telling them they were trespassing on their land and asking them to vacate the site by 7pm that evening or bailiffs would be instructed to remove them.'

The decision comes hours before a protest criticising the council's slow reaction to the travellers' camp.

People living around Taverham have complained that the Parish Council should have had an action plan in place and reacted quicker.

One resident has organised a protest at Taverham Village Hall, for 7pm, on Thursday.

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Claudette Bannock, district councillor for Taverham South, said: 'The council spent thousands of pounds on making that area safe. They did have a big gate that was secure and the posts were put in, but they (the travellers) have took the lock off and the Parish Council now can't find it.

'The Parish Council has been advised they will have to keep the whole place open as if they get another lock the travellers will say they can't get out - but more could come if it is left open.

'I have had complaints from people living in Kingswood Avenue and Kingswood Court about the dogs barking all night, I'm very sorry and upset for these people, they didn't get any sleep.'

A spokesperson from Norfolk Police said: 'We are aware of incidents regarding dogs belonging to the travellers, any reports will be investigated if reported to us. We did receive a call from somebody regarding an incident where they ran off after meeting some travellers and feeling frightened but nothing to say they were chased.

'We are working with the Parish and District council to resolve the issue.'

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