Travellers expected to leave Beccles Common after Easter weekend

Travellers at Beccles Common

Travellers at Beccles Common - Credit: Kieran Lynch

Beccles Town Council is going to review security measures at Beccles Common after travellers moved onto the land this week.

Around seven caravans moved onto the field next to the children's play area on Monday evening.

Waveney District Council released a statement earlier in the week saying that they were expecting them to leave on Wednesday afternoon.

However at the time of going to print they still remained on site, with the process expected to take longer due to the Easter holidays.

Graham Catchpole, mayor of Beccles, said it could be this coming Tuesday or Wednesday before they leave.

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He said: 'We have been working closely with Suffolk Police, the Norfolk and Suffolk Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Liason Service as well as Waveney District Council and have held regular meetings regarding the issue.

'Due to the Easter holidays the process is taking longer than normal and they have told police that they will leave the site by Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

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'If they don't leave by next week then we will look to take immediate action.'

There were also reports this week that travellers were located at Ellough Airfield.

However, a spokesman from Suffolk Police said the travellers might have moved on from the airfield to Beccles Common on Monday evening.

A statement from Waveney District Council said: 'Regular visits are being made to the site, including initial welfare assessments. Additional refuse facilities are being provided.

'It is expected that the travellers will vacate the site shortly, however should this not be the case, the landowners (Beccles Town Council) may wish to begin proceedings to move the encampment on. Due to the approaching Easter weekend, this process may take slightly longer than usual.'

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