Police escort 27-metre long yacht hull through Norfolk

abnormal load - yacht hull

The 27-meter long yacht hull that passed through Norfolk today - Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Police have escorted a large yacht hull through Norfolk. 

The abnormal load was guided through the county by the Norfolk Police Road Casualty Reduction Team (RCRT) on Sunday, September 12.

The abnormal load, a 27-meter long yacht hull, was being transported from Rectory Road in Ashmanhaugh to Southampton.

The journey went from Rectory Road and School Road in the village, before moving to the A1151, A149, B1152, A1064, A47, A11, A14, A11, M11, and M25.

Norfolk police finished escorting the abnormal load on the M25, but it was escorted by other police forces for its entire journey, which was more than 200 miles.

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