UPDATE: Drivers swelter in one mile tailbacks on the A17 eastbound, King’s Lynn

Roadworks have begun on the A47 between The Pullover and Hardwick roundabouts in King's Lynn. Pictur

Roadworks have begun on the A47 between The Pullover and Hardwick roundabouts in King's Lynn. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: IAN BURT

As humid weather conditions dominate, drivers have been queuing back from Clenchwarton to the Pullover roundabout in Lynn.

There has also been some congestion around the Pullover roundabout on the A47 coming from Wisbech.

But South Lynn councillor Alexandra Kemp said that King's Lynn is still open for business.

She said: 'But in future we would like to see things more organised. What we don't want is drivers cutting through Clenchwarton on the old main road, it is a 20mph speed limit.

'We are trying to see if the ferry service can be increased so more people from west Lynn can use it to avoid the roadworks.'

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Miss Kemp said that she understands why the roadworks are a necessity and welcomes the fact that the scheme will last for eight weeks instead of ten, which was the original plan.

The roadworks, which are being carried out between the Pullover and Hardwick roundabouts, are planned to finish on July 29 as schools break up for their summer holidays.

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Hunstanton councillor, Richard Bird summed the situation as being 'stuck between a rock and a hard place.'

He explained that the roadworks were attempted in December it didn't work due poor weather conditions so it was decided that now is the best time before the summer holidays.

'But this has highlighted how vulnerable we are with just the A149 to get to Hunstanton. We need alternative methods - it can take an hour and a half to get to Hunstanton when the Hardwick is blocked.

'I think that other methods could be to restore the old railway line from Lynn to Hunstanton or have a tram.'

The scheme to resurface and re-waterproof the A47 will see repairs to bridges that go over the River Great Ouse, River Nar and Harbour Junction.

Until July 29 for 24 hours every day, roads will be reduced to single lanes with a 30 mph speed limit.

There is also a 24 hour 3m width restriction so there is a wide load diversion diverting traffic via A10, A1122, A1101 and the A47.

An overnight closure of the A47 eastbound on the June 13 and from 8pm to 6am, where traffic will be diverted via Downham Market A1101, A1122, A10 and the A47.

The same diversion will be put in place as there will be another overnight closure on the westbound side on July 3.

The Saddlebow slip roads will be closed for 24 hours from June 13 to July 3 westbound and from July 3-23 eastbound.

The Highways Agency have said that due to the nature of the work, it is best carried out during the summer when the weather is better.

Site agent Tomasz Kaczwimsi from Interserve Construction Ltd, who wrote to residents informing on the roadworks said: 'We are aiming to finish the work on July 29 before the busiest holiday period.

'We are working hard to minimise disruption but delays, particularly during peak periods, are likely. We advise drivers to plan ahead and leave some extra time for their journeys.'

Officials say that the maintenance of the three bridges is vital for keeping journeys safe and reliable for road users.

Highways Agency project manager Ranjit Mistry added: 'This work will prolong the life of the bridges, maintaining safe and reliable journeys on this important route.

'Expansion joints do need replacing from time to time, and the current waterproofing is coming to the end of its life.'

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