UK drivers risking Euro fines for not carrying correct kit

UK drivers face fines is they drive in mainland Europe without the correct kit for each country.

UK drivers face fines is they drive in mainland Europe without the correct kit for each country. - Credit: PA

One in five UK drivers risks being fined when travelling in Europe due to not carrying the correct travel kit.

Laws in Europe vary between countries but most demand every car has a warning triangle in case of a breakdown.

An AA survey found a third (37%) of British drivers did not know they needed to carry a high-visibility jacket to comply with French law. More than half (55%) were also unaware French law demands they carry a disposable breathalyser.

By not carrying the required car kit, drivers risk fines from 15 up to 135 euros. Other essentials that are either needed by law or are desirable to have when travelling abroad include spare light bulbs, a first aid kit and a GB plate attached to the back of the car.

Another essential item often forgotten by UK drivers are headlight beam convertors to prevent the headlights in right-hand drive cars dazzling drivers on the Continent.

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Rosie Sanderson, AA head of European motoring, said: 'Not having the correct equipment in an emergency when on the Continent can leave you having to deal with on-the-spot fines on top of whatever the original emergency was. It is important to remember that different regulations apply to the countries you are driving through not just the country of your destination.'

The AA also reminds drivers that some European countries require drivers to carry the car's original registration document.

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AA president Edmund King said: 'The rules and regulations on the Continent can be confusing and it is imperative that drivers heading over to Europe should check before they travel. It is not just safety equipment but also knowing the correct speed limits in whichever countries you are visiting can help avoid speeding fines.'

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