Thrilling MGA drive replaced flying scooter ride

Malcolm Hill and his future wife, June, in his MGA Twin Cam in 1966. Picture: supplied

Malcolm Hill and his future wife, June, in his MGA Twin Cam in 1966. Picture: supplied - Credit: supplied

Malcolm Hill swapped his scooter for an eye-catching MGA sports car and enjoyed open-air motoring until he sold it to get married.

This is my MGA Twin Cam from 1966 with myself and my future wife, June, sitting on it.

We had a Lambretta scooter previously which had a loose seat – every time we went over a hill, or a bump, my then fiancee, June, went flying in the air. So she was relieved when I passed my driving test but she still had to hold on for dear life when we went round corners in country lanes with no seat belts in those days.

I remember driving the MGA to London one Saturday and parking it in Regent Street – no parking restrictions in those days – to buy some clothes at Austin Reed with my friend, Lloyd, who was later my best man. When we came out of the shop a small crowd was looking at the car as we had left the hood down as it was a nice day.

June and I used to drive to Southend, as we lived in Essex at the time, with the hood down on nice days.

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I didn't have the car for very long as I was saving up to get engaged and then to get married and buy a bungalow in Suffolk so I sold it to a dealer and bought a Mini which was cheaper to run on insurance and petrol. We married in 1968 and will be married 49 years in June this year.

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