“They are just mindless morons” - woman relives moment an object was dropped on her car from motorway bridge

A Norfolk woman has relived the moment when an object was dropped on her car as she was driving on the M11 in Essex.

She said the shock of the noise as the unknown item damaged her sunroof was 'just unbelievable', but she was not hurt.

She was driving on the M11 near Harlow when the object was thrown from the junction 7 bridge at about 5.15pm last Tuesday.

The woman, who only gave her name as Jane, told the BBC: 'I was driving home from visiting my mother on the M11 about 5.15pm, 5.20pm, it was already pitch black, loads of lorries, loads of cars, and I was in the middle lane and I went under a bridge between junction seven and eight and there was the most enormous bang on top of my car, just as I came through a bridge and I was quite shocked but I knew instantly what had happened.

'I pulled over onto the hard shoulder when I could, with a view to calling the police, but it was far too dangerous to stay there. The traffic was too heavy and I kept going and came home, and when I got home I saw there was the most enormous hole in my sunroof.'

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She said there was a 'cartoon bang' when the object broke the sunroof, but it was stopped from entering the car by an internal sheet of glass.

She said she would not be here to tell the tale if it had gone through the windscreen.

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She added: 'They are just mindless morons, I cannot fathom what they got out of this incident. They could not have seen the damage, it was pitch black. They could not have seen my reaction. Was it just the noise? I don't understand. I don't understand what thrill they could possibly have got out of it.'

She said Essex police told her there is no CCTV camera on the bridge, and any witnesses should call them on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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