Support for speed cameras and scepticism

Most drivers support the use of speed cameras.

Most drivers support the use of speed cameras. - Credit: Contributed

The use of speed cameras is supported by most drivers, according to research by road safety charity the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

While 80% of motorists accept the use of speed cameras, this is down 1pc on last year's survey. And 79% think speed cameras are useful to reducing injuries – 6pc down on the 2012 findings.

There is still scepticism among motorists. More than half (52%) do not believe cameras are sited only at places where accidents happen. Almost half think that raising money is the main purpose of safety cameras.

Scottish motorists are the least likely to have someone in their household with speeding points but they are also the most against speed cameras and speed-awareness courses.

Support for speed-awareness courses has risen. Three-quarters of motorists support the use of speed-awareness courses up from 70% in 2011.

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