Revealed: What you think of new-look Tombland in Norwich

Tombland now roadworks are finished and the roads have been opened again. Photo: Simon Finlay

Tombland now roadworks are finished and the roads have been opened again. Photo: Simon Finlay - Credit: SIMON FINLAY

A near £1m project to make the Tombland area of Norwich safer for cyclists has been greeted with a mixed reaction from the public.

We asked our readers what they thought of Tombland's new look and they praised its attractive appearance but raised concerns over its practicality.

John Knights, 68, of Wymondham, said: 'It looks very nice, but I'm not in agreement with cyclists and pedestrians using the same area.

'Some cyclists think they're Bradley Wiggins, they fly up behind and you can't hear them.'

Andrea Johnson, manager of Crocodile sandwich and coffee bar in Tombland, said: 'I like how it looks but whether it's practical or not I don't know. A lot of people think our loading bay is a footpath and people are confused about the crossing.'

Others were less keen.

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Penny Lacey, 44, of Norwich, said: 'It's a complete waste of time, effort and money.

'The road's not wide enough to get two buses through if someone's parked in the loading bay, the cyclists still use the road and the pedestrians go in the cycle way.'

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Cheryl Tunmore said: 'It looks ok at a glance but agree that cyclists use the road still not the cycle lane which has had all this money spent on it.alot of wasted time and money so far!'

Joseph Kiddell said: 'I cycled along Tombland yesterday from Magdelen Street and there was absolutely no signage telling me what it was or where to go. I would have happily have used it, but I couldn't work out if it was the pavement, a loading area, an access road to the cathedral or a separate traders route for the businesses on Tombland. I do not ride on paths and couldn't tell which bits were path, road, or whatever else. Interestingly it doesnt have any lines on the road either which could become an invitation for people to start parking there. Now that will be fun to negotiate by car, bus, van, bike or foot if that happens.'

Kevin said: 'It looks to me that the cycle path goes the non-road side of the crossing traffic lights. That can't be right! You will have a bunch of people waiting for the lights to change (eg school kids from the Cathedral) with cyclists passing behind them. Confused...!'

Greg said: 'You can't expect a cyclist to approach from the Wensum street, swerve off the road (up a 5 centimeter bump) to the left for 25 meters and then have to swerve back into approaching traffic. It's completely dangerous and thoughtless and as a cyclist I can see it will lead to anger and frustration for many motorists who get held up due to the narrowness of the road.'

Dee said: 'I have taken a walk through the Tombland since the work finished, and the place looks amazing. Well done to those involved.'

There was aslo a huge response to the new layout on our Facebook page.

Stuart McPherson said: 'I drove through it today. Felt a lot more fluid than the old system. The larger paths looked better for pedestrians, the entrance to the Cathedral looks more aestechically pleasing, especially the Edith Cavell statue, and the cyclists have some cycle paths. Everyone's a winner. To the naysayers: get over it, adapt and stop moaning about something that is done.'

Talia Baxter said: 'I walk on these paths every day and I personally think the traffic flows way better at rush hour. I haven't seen the cars tailed back at all! The paths are also multi use with drop down pavements for lorries with deliveries and drop off points! They aren't very visible though I admit.'

Daisy said: 'It's made a very beautiful area into a fabulous area. Safer for pedestrians, more fluid for drivers and even better the best cycle paths in the city. It's not and waste of money at and I hope to see further developments like this one in other areas soon.'

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