Reaction: Lots of questions still to be answered about First’s new Norwich bus network

Reaction to the overhaul of First's Norwich bus network has been rather mixed on our websites.

With passengers waiting for the full new timetables to be published ahead of the new network coming into effect on Sunday, September 23, there were many questions about various different routes.

The new network, which will be operated specifically by the newly-named First Norwich, has been colour-coded in an effort to simplify the city's network for passengers.

Here is a selection of online comments on the new network.

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IT Man - 'Before worrying about silly colours (people have recognised bus routes by numbers for years and still will do!) First should make them affordable.

'If I need to pop into the city, it is cheaper for me to drive in, park in a shopping centre for up to three hours and then drive home, than catching a bus.

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'If there are two or more people, then the bus does not even come close price-wise, it is cheaper to get a taxi. Come on First, drop your prices and fill the buses!'

Norfolkdumpling - 'Ridiculous! Absolutely ridiculous! First have eroded the service that looks after North Walsham Road area in Sprowston for years. Now it expects us to believe that a bus going out to Attleborough will still be able to run to time when it gets back through the city and out as far as Spixworth? I don't think so.

'I remember the old number 18 buses going out to Long Stratton before coming back up to the North Walsham Road area, they never ran to time, as it is inevitable on a long route there will be hold ups. Way to go First - for efficiencies I think I will read muck-up!'

Sprowstongal - 'The bus service along North Walsham Road is erratic, not enough buses during the peak periods and the evening service is really poor.

'Yet the buses trundle past at regular 30-minute intervals on Sundays and the buses are almost empty. In fact if the prices go up yet again this will down to the poor management from First - why run large double-deckers on a route that only has about three people in a bus?

'Invest in smaller buses and run them more regularly maybe?'

Stew Pydsodd - 'I thought purple was the Sprowston Park and Ride, and all the other colours were in use with other park and rides... confusing?'

Michael Flatman - 'Whilst I welcome a 10-minute frequency from the city to the N&N Hospital I think numbering the routes 11, 11A and 11B will be very confusing as they all take slightly different routes along the way some via Roundhouse Park and some via Eaton and Cringleford village.

'Wouldn't it be simpler to just number the routes say... 11, 12, 13 or such, that way there would be no confusion for either passengers or drivers?'

Pa Snipps - 'Why can't the buses from Sprowston go into the city and then come back again? Why can't the buses from Costessey go into the city, and then go back again?

'Seems crazy to me that if there's a problem on Dereham Road all the Sprowston buses are affected. The Costessey bus (81), used to terminate at Thorpe Railway, not travel three miles the other side of the city.

'Who in Costessey wants to go to the Heartsease anyway?

Ingo Wagenknecht - 'Prices are too dear, the fusion ticket should be no more than �3.50, not �5.50 and singles into the city centre no more than �1.50.

'What a lick of paint indeed, this will not make them run on time or help with real-time passenger information.'

The new network comes into effect on Sunday, September 23, and not as reported in yesterday's paper. We apologise for any confusion.

For the full details of the changes, including a picture gallery of the new routes, see the links at the top-right of this page.

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