RAC rolls out ‘universal’ spare wheel

The RAC's 'universal' spare wheel being fitted to a car.

The RAC's 'universal' spare wheel being fitted to a car. - Credit: RAC

Following a rise in the number of manufacturers fitting emergency tyre-inflation kits instead of spare wheels, the RAC has introduced a 'universal' spare wheel to handle callouts for unfixable punctures.

Many cars now come with a tyre-inflation kit as standard which saves a significant amount of weight so helps overall CO2 emissions. But some punctures or a complete blow-out can't be fixed with the tyre sealant systems.

In the 12 months to August 2012, the RAC responded to 87,000 punctures on vehicles with no spare – in the 12 months to August 2013 this rose to about 120,000.

However the RAC claims its 'universal' spare wheel, which fits most cars that don't have a spare wheel as standard. RAC patrols will fit the wheel quickly and liaise with the nearest ATS Euromaster centre on their behalf to find out what replacements are available.

Payment can be taken at the roadside by the RAC patrol, ensuring customer can drive straight to ATS Euromaster, or book a mobile fitting. The RAC will then arrange collection of the spare directly from ATS, avoiding any further hassle.

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Developed with specialist manufacturer Dynomec working in partnership with tyre expert ATS Euromaster, the five-stud, 17in lightweight alloy multi-fit wheel fits a high proportion of vehicles and will significantly cut down the time spent by members at the roadside, often in potentially dangerous situations such as on the hard shoulder of motorways. Trials are taking place in south-west England and Northern Ireland with some 200 patrols carrying the new wheel.

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