Poll shows lack of driver training

Driver Training

Driver Training - Credit: Archant

Seventy-two per cent of people who drive for work have never been offered driver training but the survey by IAM Drive & Survive says 44% of respondents would welcome the opportunity.

Worryingly, only 3% of the drivers canvassed said they had been offered driver training but had declined.

When asked which aspects of their driving could be improved by training, 29% claimed they would benefit from a refresher course on the Highway Code. Other areas participants felt could be improved by training included a focus on fuel-efficient driving, sticking to speed limits and brushing up on manoeuvring and parking.

While a high number of respondents did welcome the idea of training, just under half of those polled said they wouldn't be interested becaude of the time it would take and a belief that it wasn't necessary.

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