Peugeot accelerates efforts to attract younger car owners

Car maker Peugeot has extended its Just Add Fuel deal to drivers aged 18 and over. The deal is for P

Car maker Peugeot has extended its Just Add Fuel deal to drivers aged 18 and over. The deal is for Peugeot 108 cars fitted with a telematics box - Credit: Archant

Car maker Peugeot has accelerated its efforts to help younger drivers own a new car of their own following a change to its popuplar Just Add Fuel package.

Peugeot has extended the package to drivers aged 18 and the deal means that drivers get a Peugeot 108 with the addition of a telematics box.

The scheme also includes three years insurance, warranty, servicing, car tax and roadside assistance.

Paul Bussey from Busseys which operates the Peugeot dealership in Hall Road in Norwich, and recently announced plans for a new dealership in Dereham, said: 'Extending the package to younger drivers helps make the way to a new car even easier. The 18 year olds can either be the policy holder or a named driver on a parent's insurance policy, depending on who is the main driver of the car. Another benefit of Just Add Fuel is the opportunity for customers without No Claims Discount to take advantage of Just Add Fuel, on all 108 models.'

The move comes as younger drivers could see the cost of their insurance fall in the coming months, helped by growing numbers of 'black box' telematics policies, according to a comparison website

Telematics, or 'black box', insurance policies work by tracking a vehicle's movements, helping insurers to reward good drivers with cheaper premiums.

You may also want to watch: found that more than three-quarters (77%) of under-25s are seeing at least one telematics premium crop up in their cheapest five quotes - up from 62% in 2014.

It said signs that telematics policies are becoming increasingly commonplace and competitively priced are helping to drive up competition between insurers for customers in the under-25 age group.

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