Petrol prices near all-time high

E10 petrol pump

The price of fuel is nearing all-time record highs. - Credit: PA

Petrol and diesel prices are nearing all-time record levels as the shortage of fuel on forecourts continues.

According to new RAC Fuel Watch data, unleaded petrol increased 1.5p to 136.83p while diesel rose by 2.5p to 139.25p.

On Wednesday, it was found that petrol stations across Norfolk had prices above the national average.

The JET garage on Northgate street in Great Yarmouth is offering unleaded fuel at 137.9p with diesel at 141.9p, while the price of fuel at ESSO MFG White Horse in Gorleston is 139.9p and 141.9p.

The ESSO garage on Weybourne Road in Sheringham is offering unleaded petrol at 138.9p while diesel is priced at 141.9p and the cost of fuel at ESSO MFG West Winch in Kings Lynn is 135.0p with diesel at 141.0p.

Sainsbury's petrol station at Attleborough closes as they run out of fuel after customers panic buy.

Over the past week, many petrol stations across Norfolk have run out of fuel. - Credit: Denise Bradley

The RAC's findings mean petrol is now 22p a litre more expensive than a year ago (114.61p September 30, 2020) while diesel is 21p more expensive (118.10p) in the same period.

Nationally, the average prices are moving closer to the record highs of April 2012.

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Currently sitting at the levels of autumn 2013, petrol is only 5.65p off the all-time high of 142.48p and diesel is just 8.68p off the record of 147.93p.

Queues for fuel at Asda in Norwich. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Queues for fuel at Asda in Norwich. - Credit: Denise Bradley

RAC fuel spokesperson Simon Williams said: “Not only are motorists struggling to put fuel in their vehicles, they are having to pay through the nose for it as the rising cost of a barrel of oil is causing further pain at the pumps.

“Drivers have had to endure the average price of petrol going up for 10 out of the last 12 months and now, because of the supply crisis, many have had great difficulty getting hold of it just so they can go about their daily lives."

Mr Williams added that the RAC was aware of some filling stations charging extortionate prices.

"While we’ve heard of some smaller retailers taking advantage of the situation by charging very high prices for their fuel," he said. "These cases appear to be few and far between, with the majority of retailers acting responsibly.

“As forecourts’ fuel stocks return to normal drivers will inevitably switch from worrying about whether they can get the petrol or diesel they need to just how much a fill-up is costing them."

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