Petrol prices soar across country putting strain on household budgets

With the price of petrol and diesel is rising at forecourts in Norfolk after tumbling to almost £1 p

Petrol prices reached an all-time high on Sunday, according to new data - Credit: PA

Fuel prices in the country hit an all-time high on Sunday, according to new data.

Unleaded petrol reached an average price of 142.94p a litre, the highest price in nine and a half years, and the average price of diesel hit 146.5p a litre.

The data, provided by Experian Catalist, showed the price of fuel had risen steeply from the early days of the pandemic, with the price of petrol falling to a low of 106.48p in May 2020.

In Norfolk, of the five filling stations contacted around the county on Monday morning, an average price of 143.9 per litre for unleaded petrol was recorded and the average price of diesel was 145.9 per litre. 

In Fakenham the Shell garage was charging 147p per litre for unleaded and diesel fetched 151p per litre.

At the Castle Acre garage in Swaffham, diesel cost 147.9p per litre and unleaded was 143.9p per litre.

The Bale Countryside Service Station offered unleaded for 143.9p per litre and diesel for 146.9p per litre.

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The Acle petrol station had unleaded for 146.9p per litre and diesel for 149.9p per litre. 

At the Sainsbury's garage, in Queen's Road in Norwich, unleaded was 138p per litre and diesel is 137.9 per litre. 

AA fuel price spokesman Luke Bosdet said: "Record pump prices must be saying to drivers with the means that it's time to make the switch to electric.

"As for poorer motorists, many of them now facing daily charges to drive in cities, there is no escape. It's a return to cutting back on other consumer spending, perhaps even heating or food, to keep the car that gets them to work on the road."

Oil prices have soared since the beginning of the year from around 50 dollars per barrel in January to 85 dollars today.

The changing exchange rate between the pound and dollar has also fallen in recent years, making it more expensive for British companies.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams added: "This is truly a dark day for drivers, and one which we hoped we wouldn't see again after the high prices of April 2012.

"This will hurt many household budgets and will have knock-on implications for the wider economy.

"The big question now is: where will it stop and what price will petrol hit?"

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