Permit parking holders in call for action over broken-down van on Norwich street

Local residents have complained about the lack of action. Stuart McLaren, left, and Nick Hall are pi

Local residents have complained about the lack of action. Stuart McLaren, left, and Nick Hall are pictured next to the van causing problems for permit parking holders in Sussex Street, Norwich, last September. Picture: Luke Powell - Credit: Archant

The city council is being urged to take action against an illegally-parked van which has more than 10 tickets stuck to its windshield.

The tickets on the van on Sussex Street, Norwich

The tickets on the van on Sussex Street, Norwich - Credit: Archant

People living on Sussex Street in Norwich claim the vehicle has been left on the road for around two months without a proper permit.

During that time it has received 11 parking tickets, suffered a flat tyre and has lost its front number plate.

Because the van is parked across two spaces, permit holders are now being forced to leave their cars in temporary bays, where they risk getting a ticket.

Nick Hall, 69, chairman of the St Augustine's Community Together Residents Association, said: 'Apart from being an eyesore, the main problem is that it is taking up one-and-a-half spaces and there are only so many permit spaces along here.

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'The council has so far given a weak response, and I know they have to stick by the rules, but when it is clear that the owner is not going to respond, you would have thought they would remove it.'

A note on the dashboard of the van states that the vehicle has broken down and would be moved 'as soon as possible'.

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Norwich City Council said it was aware of the issue, but had no powers to remove it as it had not been abandoned and has road tax.

A spokesman for the local authority said people on Sussex Street could contact the police for advice on what action they can take.

Stuart McLaren, 62, who lives along the road, said: 'It has been there for so long that the weeds are starting to grow around the tyres.

'Lots of people in the street have complained because not only is it taking up two spaces, it is in an area where parking is at a premium.'

A council spokesman said: 'In this particular case, having checked our records, we've established the vehicle has not been abandoned and has current road tax which means the council has no powers available to it to remove it.

'In the meantime, residents can contact the police for advice or assistance on what action they may be able to take on this matter.'

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