‘Absolute chaos’ - Parking rows sparks fights on estate

Parking in Hampden View in Costessey has sparked safety concerns. Picture: Ruth Lawes

Parking in Hampden View in Costessey has sparked safety concerns. Picture: Ruth Lawes - Credit: Archant

Unregulated parking on a city estate has sparked fights between drivers and is causing 'absolute chaos', according to homeowners.

They fear cars parked on the road, rather than on driveways, throughout Hampden View and The Hampdens in Costessey could obstruct emergency vehicles.

It comes after First Bus rerouted the red line 23/23a service away from the area which was prompted in part to issues with cars.

MORE: Ex-inspector overturns £100 parking fine for four-minute post office stopMark Thompson, who works in security, has lived there for 12 years and says it is impossible to see round corners due to the number of parked cars.

The 45-year-old said: "When 4pm hits that is when hell breaks loose. There are vans and cars across the whole estate and the roads are so narrow. It is absolute chaos."

Mr Thompson said he regularly rides a bike and he nearly got struck down by a car who was unable to see him due to parked cars two weeks ago.

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He said: "There are lots of family and kids around here and there could be an accident. It just feels like there is no consideration whatsoever for people living here."

Peter Balls, 68, said the parking left him feeling disappointed and angry.

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He added: "I'm mostly concerned for people who are disabled or wheelchair users as they are being forced to use the road rather than the pavement."

Steve Griffin, a management consultant in his 50s, labelled the parking as 'rubbish' and said he had seen fights break out between drivers and owners of parked cars.

He added: "But my main concern is emergency vehicles as there is no way they would be able to get through."

But for Emma, 43, and Lee, 46, who did not want to give their surnames, the parked cars are not a concern.

MORE: Controversial parking cameras at empty pub may have to be taken downThey said: "We don't mind about the parked cars as, to be honest, it slows the traffic down. The speeding around here is awful."

They added two years ago a driver span out of control on ice and smashed into a parked van outside their home, and believed this prevented something worse from happening.

They said: "If the van wasn't parked he could have come straight through our home."

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