No more queues! Relief for drivers as roadworks are finished on the A47 King’s Lynn

Roadworks on the A47 have now finished in King's Lynn. Picture: Ian Burt

Roadworks on the A47 have now finished in King's Lynn. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: IAN BURT

Drivers can breathe a sigh of relief - as the A47 roadworks are officially over.

For the past 10 weeks, there has been horrendous queues getting to and from King's Lynn as work was carried out on the road between the Pullover and Hardwick roundabouts.

At it's worst, people queued from Terrington St Clement on the A17 coming into Lynn.

People queued from Middleton on the A47 eastbound and there were delays for drivers coming from the Wisbech direction at peak periods.

The speed limit was reduced to 30mph, and cameras caught around 2000 people going over the limit.

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County councillor Alexandra Kemp, for Clenchwarton and Lynn South called for the money from speeding fines to be given back to the town.

She said: 'The closure of the gateway to Lynn has cost people lost work time, lost business and lost money. Roads in my division have been used as a rat run.

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'So I am clear that the right thing to do is for all the money paid in fines during the works should be given back to the borough as a special fund for local amenities.'

Councillor for South and West Lynn, Charles Joyce, described what he would often see from his window:

'It was one long traffic jam lasting all day almost every day. Everyone had my sympathy. I think most complained in silence and just put up with it.'

The scheme involved resurfacing and re-waterproofing the road and saw repairs to bridges over the River Great Ouse, River Nar and Harbour Junction.

The work was originally due to finish Tuesday July 29, but there was a two week delay.

Sarah Silk from the Highways Agency said: 'The reason was subject to the weather conditions so it took longer than expected. We also had more complications than we thought.'

As the summer holidays begun at the end of July, families faced long queues to head to the coast.

However Hunstanton councillor Elizabeth Watson said:

She said: 'I think it was worse some days than others but I don't think it was too dramatic. Generally I think the weather has had more to do with it as anything else.' BLOB/BLOB: What was the worst you saw the queues? Email

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