Nissan ringing changes with new iManual app

Nissan has launched iManual for the Micra with the car manual available via a smartphone app.

Nissan has launched iManual for the Micra with the car manual available via a smartphone app. - Credit: Nissan

Nissan is making motorists' lives easier by simplifying the car manual with a handy smartphone app.

Called iManual, it's available for the New Micra and sees all of the information contained within the car's manual squeezed into one software application that can be stored on both Apple and Android smartphones.

The new iManual also incorporates visual recognition software that enables owners to identify dashboard symbols and switches by using their phone's camera.

Nissan believes that the iManual could be a big hit, helping owners to learn more about their car, after research showed that UK motorists are no fans of their current car manuals.

In an online survey, Nissan found that while 57% had consulted their manual, only 13% had used it more than twice – with most stating they quickly gave up after they couldn't find the information they needed. And with 13% keeping their manual at home on a bookshelf – 10% admitted they didn't even know where it was – Nissan believes the iManual could be a real help.

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Guillaume Masurel, Nissan GB marketing director, said: 'Car manuals are often the most useful, but least used resource, and the Nissan Micra iManual is designed to enhance the driving experience and allow motorists to really understand their car further.

'While automotive design and technology has evolved, the car manual has failed to follow suit and during this digital age we feel there's a huge opportunity to empower our customers and really enable them to understand what's happening both above and below their car's exterior.'

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The Nissan Micra iManual is available to download for free and compatible with both Apple and Android handsets.

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