Travel: Flash flooding causes widespread delays

Flooding at Brazen Gate, behind Queens Road Sainsbury's supermarket.

Flooding at Brazen Gate, behind Queens Road Sainsbury's supermarket. - Credit: Stefan Kuna

Drivers can expect delays on major routes causing traffic to go as slow as 5mph in some areas due to flash floods this evening.

Due to an accident, there is partially blocked and slow traffic on A146 Lakenham Road Eastbound from A11 Newmarket Road to Hall Road.

The A140 is also heavily congested - with an average speed of 10 mph - on Ipswich Road Southbound between B1108 Earlham Road and Eaton Road.

The A140 Ipswich Road Northbound between A140 and Marston Lane also has delays of up to nine minutes with traffic moving at an average speed of 5mph.

There are also delays on Newmarket Road A11 in both directions at A140 Mile End Road.

A140 Colman Road Northbound between A140 and Elizabeth Fry Road has delays of up to four minutes.

And, further up, there is heavy rain on A140 Guardian Road both ways between Church Road and Guardian Road, with further delays closer to Earlham Road and Dereham Road.

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On the other side of Norwich, there is heavy rain on A1042 Dussindale Drive both ways in Thorpe St Andrew.

The construction work along the A47 near Trowse Newton - both directions - is keeping traffic steady at around 20 mph.

Closer to Acle, the A47 Eastbound is experiencing some delays caused by the heavy rainfall.

The Acle Straight is clear, but there is congestion in Great Yarmouth around the A47 Acle New Road and Gapton Hall roundabouts.

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