Is this the most dangerous bridge in Norfolk? There’ve been 60 crashes here

A van has become stuck under the railway bridge in Thetford.

A van has become stuck under the railway bridge in Thetford. - Credit: Archant

A problematic railway bridge in Thetford has seen nearly 60 vehicles crash into it or get trapped under it in the past five years.

A total of 59 vehicles have collided with the bridge in Station Lane, on the Abbey estate, since 2011.

As a result, Network Rail, the authority responsible for the railway network, had to make 38 claims for damages, racking up a bill of approximately £14,278 – an average of £375.75 for each collision.

Abellio Greater Anglia and East Midlands Trains both run services along the line, which connects Norwich to Ely and Cambridge.

The most recent incident happened in January, when a van became lodged under the bridge and caused delays on rail services for two hours.

A spokesman for Abellio Greater Anglia said: 'It is frustrating when services are delayed due to factors outside of our control.

'Network Rail and the Highways Authority are taking necessary steps to reduce the effects of these incidents.'

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The most accident-filled year for the bridge - which can accommodate vehicles up to 2.2m in height - was 2014, which saw 16 vehicles strike it or become trapped, followed by 2011 (14) and 2013 (13).

Last year saw a drop in the number of incidents, with only seven recorded, all of which took place between March and September.

A Network Rail spokesperson said: 'Signage on our bridges is managed by the local highways authority and we work with them to make sure that it is appropriate.

'This bridge is fitted with a number of protective measures including fluorescent height signage so drivers should know the height of the bridge and the vehicle that they are driving to avoid striking the bridge and causing unnecessary damage and delays.'

Mike Brindle, Thetford town councillor for Priory ward, said he was concerned about the possibility of Station Lane being closed.

'The underpass is a valuable resource for getting people in and out of the town, particularly during rush hour,' he said.

'Any alternative way around is a huge detour, not only are other routes significantly longer but they are congested.

'The traffic using the road is slow and I would have thought that accidents were avoidable.'

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