Flinkelgate saga comes to an end in Norwich almost two years after house started subsiding

Almost two years after it was closed because a house had started subsiding, a city centre road has finally been fully reopened to traffic.

The saga of Finkelgate, which connects Queens Road and Ber Street, has rumbled on since Christmas Eve 2010.

People living in the house on the end of a row of terraced houses in Finkelgate noticed cracks appearing in the house.

There were initial fears the house could collapse because of its severe subsidence – dropping by around 30cm – and scaffolding was later erected to stabilise it.

An investigation was launched by construction consultants Canham Consulting, which established that a geological feature and a burst water-main underground had led to the movement.

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Norwich City Council eventually gave permission for the house to be demolished and that work was completed in April of this year.

Ever since Finkelgate has only been open in one direction but now the whole saga has been brought to a close by the road being fully reopened.

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A city council spokesman said: 'We are pleased the issues have been resolved, meaning it was safe to finally open the road, so the traffic can flow again.

'We have shared people's frustrations at the time this has taken. Part of the issue as to why, in the later stages, this was further delayed was that some of the key cabling providing a good proportion of the city's power runs under this road and so it has been complicated as the power, for obvious reasons could not be switched off.'

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