Fire service issues flooding advice after 25 call outs in central Norwich

Firefighters dealing with the flooded basement at Mojos Nightclub, Prince of Wales Road, Norwich. Ph

Firefighters dealing with the flooded basement at Mojos Nightclub, Prince of Wales Road, Norwich. Photo: Steve Adams

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service has issued flooding advice after receiving more than 25 calls to localised flooding in the centre of Norwich.

It said these flash floods are affecting buildings and roads, and fire officers are attending to assess the need for specialist resources.

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service has the following advice in flooding situations:

Do not compromise your own personal safety or the safety of others

You may also want to watch:

• Don't drive or wade into flood water if at all possible, especially if it is fast flowing

• If you really can't find a different route to drive round the flood, walk across first to check for depth

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• If you absolutely have to enter flood water, don't go deeper than the tops of your wellies, and use a pole to probe for holes in front of you

• Have a mobile phone with you, check the signal, and know exactly where you are – when you get stuck, we will need to be able to find you as quickly as possible

• Be patient – these are flash floods, which will subside quickly; you could just wait a bit and see if the water level is dropping.

Flood waters hide a range of hazards

• Submerged live electrical cables

• Dislodged manhole covers, leaving hidden drops in what looks like shallow water

• Collapsed or weakened culverts and bridges which can give way under you without warning

• Contamination with raw sewage

• Moving flood water can sweep you off your feet if it is only a few inches deep, and will lift up and sweep away a car if it reaches the floor pan

For more information visit Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service website at:

Or the Environment Agency's website at

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