Facebook page is closed after barrier is installed on notorious road

A 250m barrier was installed along North Bank by Peterborough City Council before Christmas. Picture

A 250m barrier was installed along North Bank by Peterborough City Council before Christmas. Picture: Steve Williams. - Credit: Archant

A Facebook campaign set up to fight for safety measures on a notorious riverside road in the Fens has been closed after a barrier was installed before Christmas.

The North Bank Road Let's Make It Safer Facebook page was opened two months ago following the death of hairdressing student Hannah Yates who died when her car left North Bank, near Whittlesey, and entered the adjacent River Nene.

The Facebook page received 3,492 likes from supporters who called for barriers to be installed at a bend on the road.

Now the work is complete the group's page administrator says the work is done. The page has been closed at the request of Hannah's family.

Hannah's father Phil said on the Facebook page: 'Work is completed. Thanks to one and all.'

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A 250m safety barrier was installed by Peterborough City Council, which funded the £50,000 project.

Two people died and numerous other people escaped in a cluster of crashes along the road in November where cars ended up in the river.

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Hannah, 18, drowned when her car plunged into the River Nene on November 3.

On December 2, the body of Keith Pettitt, 50, of Corby, was pulled from the river after his Skoda was spotted partially submerged. Police believe his car may have entered the water a week earlier.

Three other vehicles also went into the River Nene at the same spot in separate incidents and all eight occupants escaped.

The city council has also installed red reflective red studs in the road and has reduced the speed limit to 40mph.

It says it can't afford to install an average speed camera system, which would cost £400,000. However, if external funding is found, it would install cameras.

Graham Chappell, Fenland Road Safety Campaign founder, said: 'Our various fundraising events will be proceeding as planned, as our work for the North Bank is not yet done, but a significant achievement has been secured.

'This has been thanks to the overwhelming strength of support given by all those who care about what has happened here and are keen to see that preventable river immersion accidents, and deaths, no longer occur on the North Bank's notorious 'blind bend'.'

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