Drivers becoming more aggressive

Drivers in the UK are becoming more aggressive, with 61% saying they use their car's horn at least once a month.

And they are using the horn in anger at other drivers rather than its proper purpose which is to warn other drivers of their presence.

A study by Flexed shows drivers are also using more anti-social tactics than before, with 33% of drivers admitting to changing lanes several times in traffic jams to try to get further ahead.

Other bad driving behaviour that is on the rise includes pushing into traffic queues at road junctions, jumping traffic lights, driving in cycle lanes and the hard shoulder, and using the wrong lane to then push in front of a queue of cars.

And 18% of drivers say they never let other drivers out of a side road in a traffic jam.

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Drivers also reported that other road-users not moving with the flow of traffic and motorcyclists filtering through traffic queues are a source of annoyance.

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