Do 20mph speed limits work? Your views on slowing down the traffic in Norwich’s residential streets

We asked members of the public what they thought about 20mph speed limits. Clockwise, from top left,

We asked members of the public what they thought about 20mph speed limits. Clockwise, from top left, Susanna Wright, James Charter, Ashley (no surname given) and Joe Silvester. Pictures: Sam Hall - Credit: Archant

A consultation on whether to extend a 20mph speed zone to more residential roads in Norwich comes to an end today (Tuesday, August 1).

Malcolm Brown. Picture: Sam Hall

Malcolm Brown. Picture: Sam Hall - Credit: Archant

Meanwhile, the Norwich Society has called on Norwich City Council to take a fresh approach to lower speed limits and seek other measures of slowing traffic rather than merely putting up signs.

We asked members of the public for their views on 20mph speed limits.

'I often sees people ignoring the 20mph limits, especially where there are not as many signs. New measures are needed to make residential roads safer, especially for children and families.' Susanna Wright, 46, Norwich NR3

'The 20mph limits are necessary, especially for the safety of children. Many drivers seem to find it hard to keep their speed that low, meaning the limit is broken a lot.' Joe Silvester, 44, Horsford

'I had a personal experience of being involved in an accident with a car when I was younger and so know the danger of bad driving.'

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Mr Charter said 20mph speed limits 'do encourage better driving' and were essential to ensure that even if a collision occurred the 'effects will be less serious'. James Charter, 60, Norwich city centre

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'They (20mph speed limits) are partially effective as people do not really ignore them.' Mr Brown said there was still 'room for improvement'. Malcolm Brown, 68, Old Catton

'They good idea as they ensure drivers take more care in areas where people live. They are effective in getting people to slow down because people listen to them.' Ashley (no surname given), 23, Norwich city centre

What do you think of lowering the speed limit to 20mph in residential zones? Email your views to

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