Centre goes green with Toyota Prius+

Waveney River Centre prides itself on sustainability, having won the David Bellamy Gold Award for conservation three times.

So it's fitting that Anglia Farmers, through Dingles in Delft Way, near Norwich Airport, has helped James and Ruth Knight source perhaps the most eco-friendly seven-seat vehicle yet – the Toyota Prius+ hybrid.

James and Ruth, at the centre at Burgh St Peter, near Beccles, were the first people in the region to take ownership of this revolutionary new model, which is the first hybrid ever to feature two rows of rear passenger seats in a multi-purpose vehicle design.

James said: 'Everything we do at Waveney River Centre is with a view to sustainability – so it made sense to buy a greener vehicle.

'We chose the Prius+ because its seven seats will prove useful for lift-sharing. I also had the Prius recommended by a friend who has owned the original model for four years.'

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In addition to green credentials, government incentives mean that choosing a hybrid for your business makes a lot of financial sense. The road tax on the Prius is free and due to enhanced capital allowance (ECA) for green vehicles up to 100pc of the cost can be written off against company expenses in the first year. Employees and directors also pay lower rates of company car tax on hybrid vehicles because the benefit-in-kind (BIK) rate is calculated based the car's CO2 emissions as well as its value. With CO2 levels about 20-25pc lower in hybrids than conventional cars there are worthwhile savings to be made. Discussing how Anglia Farmers (AF) helped to source the Prius + James said: 'AF saved a lot of money by negotiating direct with Toyota and arranging for the car to be provided through Dingles, who are my local dealer and with whom AF has an excellent working relationship.'

John Dingle, managing director of Dingles, added: 'Bringing the Prius+ hybrid to Waveney River Centre is a great opportunity for us. The car will bring numerous benefits to their business offering all the financial and environmental advantages of a hybrid with the functionality of a seven seat family car.

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'The Prius+ will save a significant sum almost straightaway, never mind in a couple of years. It goes to show that going green is not always the most expensive option.

'Hybrid technology is the future and Toyota is leading the way, with five models already being available with a commitment that every model in the range will have a hybrid version by 2014.

'At Dingles, this is something we feel is incredibly important in the drive to being more environmentally friendly' John explained.

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