Car damage claims due to potholes rise by 750%

The poor state of the UKs roads after the winters floods have led to a big rise in claims for pothol

The poor state of the UKs roads after the winters floods have led to a big rise in claims for pothole damage to cars. - Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Ima

Claims for damage to cars have risen by as much as 750% due to the poor state of the UK's roads after the winter's floods.

One council has reported an increase in claims from motorists whose cars have suffered broken suspension and steering.

Somerset Council said it had experienced a 750% rise in claims from January to February this year compared to the same period last year.

Other councils across the south of England say they have also witnessed a huge increase in the number of claims from drivers with damaged cars. This is a result of roads that have crumbled due to damage from sustained flooding over the winter of 2013-14.

It is estimated councils will spend £730m on compensation to motorists with damaged cars. There is now a call for a new road sign to warn drivers of potholes.

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David Gerrans, of Warranty Direct, said: 'With potholed stretches of road affecting many road-users on a daily basis, there's now real cause to create dedicated signage. Let's give people a fighting chance of avoiding unnecessary garage bills or even personal injury.

'If road signs can warn of falling rocks from above then why not craters from below? The average bill for pothole damage now runs at £247, so a sign only needs stop a couple of incidents to justify the expenditure. The embarrassment will be for the government in just how many signs need to be put up – there's one pothole for every mile of road by some estimates.'

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