Aylsham councillors pledge not to ‘wash their hands’ of problem parking during boots fairs

Concerned councillors have vowed to do more to dissuade 'irresponsible' drivers from parking dangerously on a busy Aylsham road during weekly car boot sales.

Members of the town council have said they cannot 'wash their hands' of the problems on the A140 during the Late One boot sale despite Broadland District Council saying it cannot take action to address the poor parking.

Dozens of drivers abandon their cars on the grass verges lining the main road to attend the sales and police have said they will clampdown on motorists obstructing the Burgh Road junction.

But councillors were keen to try and do more to stop drivers using the verges and have asked PCSO Brian Levy to approach highways chiefs to look again into installing barriers to prevent cars from parking there.

Speaking at Thursday's council Mr Levy said he had previously enquired about installing bollards but his suggestions had been rebuffed.

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'Because it's a fast road (you're) not allowed to put permanent solid structures up simply because if there's an accident it increases injuries,' he added.

'I asked if I could put a police sign up requesting that parking wasn't carried out there and they did say they would give me permission for an a-board but that was all.'

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Mr Levy said he would re-visit the bollard issue and members pledged to gather more information about what could be done and then talk to those behind the sales.

The boot fair organiser has said previously that he provides more than seven acres of parking on sale days, which was well sign posted.

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