Town council support for Diss green

The new custodians of a Diss green have received a boost after town leaders pledged their support for its upkeep and the allocation of funds for new play equipment.

Diss Town Council has agreed to continue to cut the grass and maintain the historic Fair Green after the space was bought by an anonymous resident last year.

Councillors have given extra support to the Fair Green Neighbourhood Association by pledging more than �9,000 of Section 106 developer contributions towards replacing the old play area at the site.

The support from the town council came despite opposition from some members who believe that the new owner of the green should be responsible for looking after the whole of the four acre site.

A new legal agreement will mean that Diss Town Council will pay around �1,000 a year towards maintenance of the popular public place.

But Simon Olander said he was concerned that other residents' associations in Diss would want taxpayers' money for their green spaces as a result.

'I understand the view to maintain the green space, but they must realise that we have to save money somewhere and this may be the opportunity to save a little money from this part of town,' he said.

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However, Harold Rackham, who is also a Fair Green Neighbourhood Association member, said the residents were preparing to put their hands in their own pockets to sort out the access roads bordering the green and it would be a 'big letdown' if Diss Town Council did not pledge some financial support.

Graham Minshull added: 'We are fulfilling our promise that we would not abandon them [the neighbourhood association] when they took over and supporting that as a public area for the people of Diss. To go back on our word would be absolutely terrible.'

The neighbourhood association will become responsible for booking the travelling circuses and fun fairs for the site, but will get to keep the proceeds.