Top gold award for Downham RAF cadet

A student at Downham Market Sixth Form College has been presented with an award as part of a week-long course with the RAF.

Michelle Grodkiewicz, 16, received British Science Association Gold CREST (Creativity in Science Engineering Science and Technology) Award.

Michelle, who is a member of the Girls Venture Corps Air Cadets, has recently spent a week at RAF Halton, in Buckinghamshire, with 22 cadets from across the UK looking at the complex world of military logistics.

Course organiser Squadron Leader Glynn Dean said: 'We run several courses of this kind each year to give young people a glimpse into the career possibilities in the Royal Air Force.

'All of the girls on this course have spent a week with RAF personnel looking at everything from catering and supply ordering to aircraft loading and fuel quality analysis.'

The residential course gave the girls a chance to live the life of RAF service personnel by staying in the barrack rooms, participating in fitness and drill and wearing the uniform of the GVC Air Cadets.

Cadet Lance Corporal Michelle, who has been in the GVC for six years, mentored a team working on a complex logistics plan for an RAF expedition as submission for the award.

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She said: 'The whole experience has been very good, I have learned a lot about the RAF way of life and I am certainly thinking seriously about a RAF career'.

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