Top Gear memorabilia up for grabs at auction in Norwich

Pictures from previous Top Gear shows. Pic: Submitted.

Pictures from previous Top Gear shows. Pic: Submitted. - Credit: Archant

Fans of Top Gear have been given the chance to put themselves in pole position to get their hands on some fascinating memorabilia from the popular motoring show.

Top Gear has hardly been out of the headlines over the past few months with Jeremy Clarkson having been sacked for punching a producer and his successor Chris Evans quitting the show after just one series amid falling ratings.

But despite the controversy, the show is still among the biggest motoring shows in the world – and fans in Norwich will be given the chance to own items from previous series in an auction later this week.

As part of a reorganisation of its studio facilities, Epic Studios in Magdalen Street will be auctioning off a number of weird and wonderul items from the world of TV, including old Anglia TV studio equipment.

The online auction, which is being run by Peaker Pattison Auctioneers, takes place on Thursday with a public viewing, by appointment only, taking place tomorrow.

Jonathan Thursby, owner of the studio, has worked all over the world for Top Gear and said some of the items to be available to the public included all the mini-cams from the Vietnam Top Gear Special as well as specially-made equipment for the North Pole special.

There will also be waterproof enclosures and equipment from the Top Gear Channel Crossing, and behind the scenes prints from the Top Gear days.

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Mr Thursby said they were opening up the auction to everyone as they had run out of space for it.

He said: 'The media hub concept is working so well, we're at 100pc occupancy and we just need the space.'

He added: 'There's incredible memorabilia at Epic Studios, pictures of Top Gear days, world rally, power boat racing from all the Anglia TV days and the council-run days.

'We have drum skins signed by all the people who have played at Epic. You know, it's an interesting place.'

Much of the memorabilia is from previous Top Gear shows which Mr Thursby said he enjoyed working on.

'I was involved with filming and specialist cameras used on Top Gear from 1993 to 2010. Some of those programmes have gone down in history as the greats and I think for the crew – including Jeremy and the boys and possibly the audience – Botswana is held as one of the best ever Top Gears.

'It was the most fun to film, it was the most hard work, the most demanding in every way.

'It used my complete skill set, not just as a cameraman – keeping cameras running in the heat and the dust – but as an engineer.

'I and the team had to keep the cars going.

'So you'll see behind the scenes that we were keeping the cars going throughout the day, all the time, it was immense fun.

For more details log on to or call 01778 590730.

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