Top 10 gifts to buy your pets this Christmas

Hamster Christmas tree from Pets at Home £3.00

Hamster Christmas tree from Pets at Home £3.00 - Credit: Archant

Forget the newest game console or the latest piece of technology; one of the real hottest and quickest selling items this festive season, is a Christmas tree for your hamster.

The gift is among many must-have items for your furry friends.

Reporter Kieran Lynch went to a national chain and an independent pet shop to find the ten best and brightest gifts.

Hamster Christmas tree – Pets at Home

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Locked away in their little cage do hamsters know its Christmas time at all? Well you can bring Christmas to your furry little friend with their own Christmas tree. This treat is among the fastest selling items at Pets at Home stores with only a small amount left in stock

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Price: £3

Father Christmas coat-Jurassic Bark

The Santa suit is not exclusive to Santa Claus, even dogs can dress up the same. The Santa coat is a sure way to gain attention on your dog walks and get them in the festive spirit.

Price £9.99

Microwave puppy bed – Pets at Home (Online)

The winter freeze can be tough for a puppy with its small coat of fur. The puppy bed is an innovative way to keep your puppy warm. The bed has a removable heat sack underneath it which can be heated in the microwave and then replaced to keep your puppy cosy and warm at night.

Price £15.00

Animal Christmas Stocking – Pets at Home/Jurassic Bark

An animal Christmas stocking is full of chewy treats and festive toys to make Christmas extra special for your pet.

Price £3.50+

Dog Coat – Jurassic Bark

Coats will be one of the biggest sellers across all pet shops across the chilly winter, and Jurassic Bark are selling a trendy 2 in 1 coat which even some owners wouldn't be ashamed of. The coat will keep your dogs warm and dry in the winter months especially if your dog has a short coat of fur or is a mature dog, as they can develop conditions such as arthiritis so keeping their joints warm and dry is much more important.

Prices from £13.99

Reindeer head piece- Pets at Home

You might not have a reindeer as a pet, but that can't stop making you making your dog look like one. Keep your dog or small furry pet looking festive with this 3D reindeer antlers and red nose head piece.

Price £5.00 for dogs £4.00 for furries

Igloo cat bed – Pets at Home

Animal beds are one of the big sellers at the Christmas and this is the purrfect one for a cat. It is a warm and cosy place for a cat to curl up after a long day of exploring.

Price £25.00

Santa/Snowman toys - Jurassic Bark

The Santa Claus and Snowman toys are a great stocking filler for your dog to keep them entertained over the festive period.

Price 4.75

Willows Sleeper Scatcher Post - Pets at Home

Cats like to mark their territory by scratching everything in sight. This Sleeper Scratcher Post makes sure your furniture stays in tact while also giving cats somewhere to sleep.

Price £40

Candy Cane Hide Chew - Jurassic Bark

All natural Rawhide have been formed into festive shapes at pet stores including this Candy Cane treat for your dog.

Price - £2.99

Jurassic Bark has stores located in Downham Market and Littleport.

Pets at Home has stores across Norfolk including Norwich, King's Lynn and Thetford.

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