'I remember shutting down' - Singer on cancer diagnosis at Norfolk hospital

Tom Parker of The Wanted performs on stage during day two of the Fusion Festival at Cofton Park, Bir

The Wanted member found out he had cancer at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital last year. - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

A member of a boyband has spoken about how he was diagnosed with a terminal cancer while on holiday in Norfolk.

Tom Parker, member of boyband The Wanted, spoke about his tumour diagnosis in a Channel 4 documentary.

The show about the singer's inoperable cancer aired as a part of Channel 4's Stand Up to Cancer programming on Friday, October 15.

Mr Parker revealed he was diagnosed with a grade IV glioblastoma in October of 2020, after suffering multiple seizures.

The first seizure was in July and the performer was put on a waiting list for an MRI scan.

Six weeks later he had another, more serious seizure during a family trip to Norwich and was rushed to hospital.

Tom's Wife, actress Kelsey Hardwick, said she found Tom laying in bed on their Norfolk holiday just before the seizure.

File photo dated 17/09/19 of The Wanted star Tom Parker with his wife Kelsey Hardwick. Tom has revea

Tom Parker, with wife Kelsey Hardwick. - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

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She said: "He didn't look right and said I just feel really sick. In seconds, he was having a seizure. He just seized up.

"Paramedics turned up and after checking him over, they said they would take him in, but don't pack loads of stuff cause he'll be out in four hours.

"I could not stop shaking because obviously I knew something was wrong."

The star was taken to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital where he was diagnosed with cancer.

He said: "Because of the Covid situation I was just on my own in Norwich hospital, and they came in, pulled the curtain round and said 'you've got a brain tumour'.

"I just remember shutting down, I think scared is an understatement to say the least."

The 33-year-old's cancer is the most aggressive type of brain cancer, but his latest scans show his tumour has shrunk.

He revealed he is aiming to become cancer-free in five months, following six rounds of chemotherapy and 30 radiotherapy sessions. 

The performer's message to anyone who receives a diagnosis was: "I think you've got to have a positive mindset.

"I think cancer can consume you very quickly and very easily.

"There was a time at the start of this journey where I couldn't really get out of bed.

"All I kept thinking was 'I'm going to die'. You know, and then what's the point of getting out of bed?"

He said it was the thought of his two children that kept him going.

You can make a donation to Stand Up to Cancer on its website.

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