Today’s Pub of the Week is reputedly Norwich’s smallest pub, The Vine Thai Cuisine.

You'll never get lonely drinking at the Vine Thai Cuisine in Dove Street, off Guildhall Hill.

This is Norwich's smallest pub so if you sit down at the bar you are only a few feet away from someone perched by the window overlooking the street.

That makes it really cosy and the perfect place for a tete-a-tete with someone, without a TV blaring in the background.

Landlady and owner Aey Allen said: 'This is a place where people can talk to each other and you can't do that if the TV's on.

'I'm small, the bar's small, the restaurant's small and it's perfect for us.'

Mrs Allen, who reopened the pub in December 2008, came to Norwich as a student, got married, and has two children, Maximilian, 10, and William, six.

She worked in Thai restaurants before falling in love with the Vine Tavern, as it then was.

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She said: 'I love real ales and I love English pubs. We don't have English pubs in Thailand.

'English pubs have character and people can talk in them. In Thailand we have very loud bars or restaurants.

'What I like about England is that you can start talking to a barmaid in a pub and people are very open-minded, so you can talk about football, beer, or whatever.

'You might have never have met that person before but if you go to a pub you can chat.'

The pub hosts two annual beer festivals and the next event runs from June 20 to 25.

Mrs Allen added: 'After three years it's going really well and we are in the Good Beer Guide 2011.'

She is also very involved in this year's City of Ale event in Norwich from May 31 to June 10, and will be holding a hot buffet at the pub as she did last year.

'This is not a job to me. It's what I love doing. I love my real ale and I get to choose which ones I sell.

'Norwich is my second home. I still go back to Thailand as I come from a big family with four brothers. I used to be a tour guide and I like people.

'I knew about the Vine before I bought it.

'I was in Norwich and I walked past the pub to get a postcard to send home.

'I thought it was a lovely pub and I went inside, but everyone was staring at me, so I did not like it very much then.

'I wrote that postcard in 2000. Now it's 2012, and I'm running the pub.'

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