Time to show you care! Call to support campaign to protect Norfolk’s threatened coastline

Residents of Walcott, Bacton and Happisburgh show their support for the sea defence campaign. Pictur

Residents of Walcott, Bacton and Happisburgh show their support for the sea defence campaign. Picture: MAURICE GRAY - Credit: MAURICE GRAY

Time is running out to support a campaign to improve flood defences for some of north Norfolk's most vulnerable coastal communities.

A online petition demanding government action is set to expire next month.

It needs at least 10,000 signatures to receive a response, but so far has only 1,859.

Walcott, Bacton and Happisburgh Village Community Action Group circulated the petition in an effort to avoid a repeat of the floods in December 2013 which left many coastal communities devastated.

It followed concerns that they could be excluded from plans to improve the sea defence at nearby Bacton to stop the gas site - which processes up to one third of the UK gas supply – from being washed away.

Sandscaping - when extra sand is distributed on the shoreline - could be used to build a natural sea defence to protect the terminal, as part of the coastal management scheme.

One campaigner questioned whether people cared about the issue after the petition failed to attract significant support following its launch.

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David King's holiday home in Walcott has been flooded twice in the last eight years.

He said: 'People are set to lose their homes, others their livelihoods, their village and community apart from the farmland being surrendered to the waves. Eventually the sea will have to be halted, by which time the coastline will be much longer and vastly more expensive to defend.'

To sign the petition, log on to the following website:


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