Time running out to vote for Norfolk’s next members of the youth parliament

Emily Fox, one Norfolk's current members of the youth parliament, took part in a debate in the House

Emily Fox, one Norfolk's current members of the youth parliament, took part in a debate in the House of Commons. - Credit: Archant

Thousands of young people are taking to their mobile phones to vote for their representatives in the Youth Parliament, with 26 candidates standing in nine constituencies.

Kieren Buxton, 17, current MYP for Norwich South, said: 'Being a Member of Youth Parliament has been a great opportunity for me as it has helped me to realise what I want to do in life, as well as helped me to gain the experience and knowledge I need. It has allowed me to give young people a voice, meet some amazing people and work closely with professionals to make a positive change.'

Polls are open until midnight on Sunday. Here is a list of the candidates standing in Norfolk, and how you can vote for them.

Young people can only vote once, for one candidate.

The winners will be announced next Tuesday.

Charlotte Snell - Norwich North

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I would make a great member of youth parliament because I am passionate about the local community and want to give young people in Norwich and Norfolk a voice. I would stand up for young people and make a difference. I think that all young people should be given a chance to have a say in how things are done.

Text elect Charlotte to 80800

Sam Oldfield - Norwich North

Young people have much more to offer to society than many are aware. We're the future, and it's vital that this is recognised. I would like to be an MYP as I feel I can work so that everyone - younger and older alike - understands our true importance, and embraces it

Text elect Sam to 80800

Jack Roper - Norwich North

I think that I will make a good MYP because I am hard working, helpful and think outside the box. I would like to help those who feel like they can't help themselves or are being bullied. I believe every child should be treated the same and that they all have a future.

Text elect Jack to 80800

Christopher Middleton - Norwich South

I would make a great member of youth parliament because I think I can provide a unique insight into the lives and needs of young people in my area. I think that it is extremely important for young people to have a real influence on how resources are spent on us in our areas. I want to help shape the lives of young people for the better.

Text elect Chris to 80800

Billy White - Norwich South

I would like to represent you as your MYP because I am passionate about ensuring all young people have a voice and the opportunities and support we need to achieve our full potential. I want to change the things you are unhappy about and represent all your different views.

Text elect Billy to 80800

Hannah Berry - Norwich South

Young people are vital for the UK's future, yet we are often ignored. Voting for me will enable your views to be taken seriously and trigger change. I am passionate about making changes for a better future, such as introducing the living wage and voting for sixteen and seventeen year olds.

Text elect Hannah to 80800

Fleur Curson - Norwich South

I would make a great member of youth parliament because I believe in giving young people in Norwich South access to as many opportunities as possible. I would also make a fantastic ambassador and voice for young people on as many platforms as possible. I believe I am the best person to represent you!

Text elect Fleur to 80800

Maud Webster - Norwich South

Young people deserve a louder voice. The media portrays us as shallow and materialistic but we need to show them we have serious opinions. As your MYP, I would express our concerns – from tuition fees to affordable transport – to the people who make decisions which affect our lives.

Text elect Maud to 80800

Alex Champion - North Norfolk

I believe I would be an excellent MYP as I have personal knowledge and experience, from myself and my peers of real issues facing young people today. I'm committed to my work, and am passionate that the voice of North Norfolk is heard where it can make a difference.

Text elect Alex to 80800

Jessica Read - North Norfolk

I am keen to become a member of youth parliament so I can help to change things for the better. I would like to improve the support services offered to young people, the way schools deal with bullying and to help young people express their individuality.

Text elect Jess to 80800

Callum Hoy - North Norfolk

I'm standing in the youth parliament election because this is my chance to push the things that matter to young people. It's easy to become disengaged with the system, but this is your chance to have someone who wants to make people listen to the things that matter to you.

Text elect CallumH to 80800

Elliot Cook - Great Yarmouth

I believe I'd make an effective youth parliament representative because I am eager to ensure young people from diverse backgrounds have their voices heard, I have recently supported a successful youth led campaign to stop cuts to youth services in Norfolk. Vote for me. See a fresh face in politics.

Text elect Elliot to 80800

Olivia Sales - Great Yarmouth

I would make a great MYP because I have the passion and dedication to represent the views of future generations, which is vital. With young people having their voices heard, we can address the issues which directly impact our local area and community.

Text elect Olivia to 80800

Greta Saripova - Great Yarmouth

I would make a great MYP because I'm passionate about raising the voice of youth and the issues that surround us every day. I very strongly understand the issues surrounding us as I have experienced many of them myself and so have my peers. My biggest ambition is to help those people who have faced mental illnesses. Don't be afraid to speak up, use your voice

Text elect Greta to 80800

Shaaumiga Sivasathiyaselan - Great Yarmouth

I am passionate about changing the lives of teenagers everywhere. I will speak out for our generation and make sure we are heard and pioneer the future for the generations ahead.

Text elect Shaami to 80800

Georgie Bunting - North West Norfolk

Young people are often overlooked and this needs to change. I am running in the elections because I want to change this. I am passionate about many issues and would love to get our voices heard.

Text elect Georgie to 80800

Harvey Luker - North West Norfolk

I would make a good member of youth parliament because I feel I can make a difference to the youth community and really represent their views in a non-biased manner. I believe young people are pushed aside and with great confidence I can make the Norfolk youth voice heard.

Text elect Harvey to 80800

Robert Balding - South Norfolk

People should vote for me I am the best person to listen to their views and present them on a national basis.

Text elect Robert to 80800

Ethan Everson-Germany - South Norfolk

I am keenly aware of the challenges young people face today. I have the drive and vision to improve your prospects and will passionately represent your views. I care about your issues and will ensure your voice is heard – let's work together for a brighter future and make a difference!

Text elect Ethan to 80800

Tiago Matos - South Norfolk

My name is Tiago Matos and I would love the opportunity to stand in the election. I would love to improve mental health services and raise awareness for those that need it. I think we as young people should be able to stand up for our country because after all we are the future.

Text elect Tiago to 80800

Bethayne Webb - South Norfolk

I would make a great member of youth parliament because I would love to give young people a voice. I would like to help amend problems that we as young people face. I would also like to help make the local community better for the youth and give us a voice.

Text elect Beth to 80800

Holly Austin - South West Norfolk

I would make a great member of youth parliament because I care a lot about the young people in my area. I feel like I would be a great voice for them. I am very passionate about different issues that affect 11-18 year olds around the county. I want to make a change.

Text elect Holly to 80800

Leanne Smart - South West Norfolk

I believe that I can make young people's voices heard and make them noticed. I am open minded to others' opinions. I like to talk to people to find their opinions. I like to speak to all different people and all different ages. I feel strongly about anti-bullying and that we can all pull together to stop bullying.

Text elect Leanne to 80800

Cameron Leitch - South West Norfolk

I feel I can make a big difference to the youth community. I am someone you can rely on to fight for what you believe in. If you have an issue, come to me and I'll sort it out!

Text elect Cameron to 80800

Thomas Dewin - Mid Norfolk

As an MYP, I would help youths be heard not only regionally, but nationally too. If successful, I will campaign for improved academic opportunities, transport, and for anything else youths consider important. I will give up my time to listen to anyone's concerns, no matter how big or small.

Text elect Tom to 80800

Harriet Bradnock - Broadland

I am standing for MYP of Broadland as I am hardworking, determined and passionate about representing every young person's view and opinion and getting teenagers engaged in politics. I will help you to have your say and work to make a positive difference in our communities.

Text elect Harriet to 80800

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