Three-wheeler Bond Minicar saw me warming up from motorbike to four wheels

David Fairhead with his three-wheeler Bond Minicar which he could drive on a motorcycle licence. Pic

David Fairhead with his three-wheeler Bond Minicar which he could drive on a motorcycle licence. Picture supplied by David Fairhead. - Credit: David Fairhead

David Fairhead tells of his adventures in a Bond Minicar which he and his wife bought as warmer transport than a motorbike.

After completing National Service in 1960, my wife and I decided we needed a warmer mode of transport other than a motorcycle.

We bought a three-wheeler Bond Minicar because I could drive it on motorbike licence.

To start the car you had to open the bonnet and kick start it like a motorbike. Having never driven a car before, the drive home was quite hair-raising to say the least.

We followed an Eastern Counties bus from Norwich to Bungay, as we did not have enough speed to overtake it.

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We made many trips to Sudbury in Suffolk. On one occasion the exhaust pipe was dangerously loose so the garage we went to tied it on with copper wire which did the trick.

The car had no reverse gear so, if we met any car in a narrow lane, we had to turn in a circle and go back the way we had come.

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One time the brakes seized on the back wheel, and smoke came out. We had to get a bucket of water to throw over it in case it caught fire.

On another occasion the Bond Minicar dropped off the pavement and broke the front suspension. This was soon mended and I used it until I passed my driving test and got a car with four wheels.

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