Three day sponsored walk and bike ride from King’s Lynn to Great Yarmouth will highlight Norfolk’s long-distance trails

Norfolk County Council chairman Hilary Cox is walking from Lynn Minster to Yarmouth Minster. Picture

Norfolk County Council chairman Hilary Cox is walking from Lynn Minster to Yarmouth Minster. Picture: Matthew Usher - Credit: Matthew Usher

Norfolk County Council chairman Hilary Cox today set off on her epic trek across Norfolk.

Refreshing rain, the Bishop of Lynn called it, as well-wishers gathered to see her off in the drizzle.

Mrs Cox said she wasn't put off by the grey start to the day, adding: 'It's good walking weather - not too warm.'

After a quick blessing from the Bishop, the Rt Rev Jonathan Meyrick, Mrs Cox strode off towards the river, turning upstream for the first leg along the quays towards South Lynn.

'I shall be praying for a safe journey for them,' said the Bishop. 'But it's not too cold, not too windy.'

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Mrs Cox, who will be accompanied by her son Adam Hutchinson, is walking and cycling the 110 miles from King's Lynn Minster to Great Yarmouth Minster to raise money for the Norfolk-based Big C charity.

Pausing for a breather this afternoon, she said the morning had passed without any blisters.

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'It's a shame about the rain at the start,' she said. 'But the rest of the day's been warm.

'It's been really, really good so far. It's been a bit of a hard slog, I've never walked this far in my life.

'There have been some uneven bits we've had to walk on, but we've heard cuckoos, we've heard woodpeckers, we've heard pheasants and we've seen pairs of swans.'

Mrs Cox said she hoped to make people aware of the wonderful trails across the county the county council helps look after.

She will walk from Lynn to Gressenhall today, walk and cycle from Gressenhall to Tasburgh on Wednesday, and walk from Whitlingham Broad to Yarmouth on Thursday.

During the journey, Mrs Cox will be tweeting using the hashtag #chairmanschallenge.

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