Threat of windy weather for Norfolk shuts watchpoint for Norwich Cathedral peregrine falcons

The peregrine falcons at Norwich Cathedral.

The peregrine falcons at Norwich Cathedral. - Credit: Archant

The threat of windy weather meant The Hawk And Owl Trust decided not to open its watch point for the peregrine falcons at Norwich Cathedral today.

The organisation said they regretfully took the decision because of the forecast strong winds and heavy rain, but hoped to have it open again on Easter Sunday.

The female peregrine has laid three eggs in the nesting box high up on Norwich Cathedral. The fourth and final egg is expected to be laid today.

The Met Office this morning updated the yellow warning of wind for the East of England, including Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, which it had issued yesterday.

The warning is valid from 11am until 9am tonight. The Met Office warned that a swathe of strong winds, accompanied by a band of heavy rain will move east across England and Wales during this afternoon and early evening.

Forecasters said that was expected to bring gusts of 40 to 50mph in inland areas and up to 60mph across exposed coasts and hills.

They warned heavy rain could cause 'very localised' surface water flooding.

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The Met Office today issued a further yellow warning of wind for Norfolk and Suffolk for Easter Monday, in place between 1.15am and 2pm. Forecasters warned there could be 50 to 60 mph gusts inland and 70mph gusts around coasts exposed to the south.

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