Thousands attending Facebook event launched in Norwich to run through a field of wheat like Theresa May

A Norfolk wheat crop Picture: James Bass

A Norfolk wheat crop Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

Over 18,000 people have clicked attending on a Facebook event in celebration of Theresa May's naughty confession that as a youngster she would run through farmers' fields of wheat.

Following the failure of the Conservatives to achieve a majority government in the general election, mischievous May has been dealt a fresh blow with a 'running through field of wheat' event organised in Norwich.

The two-day celebration, organised by Facebook page What's On? - Norwich, runs from midday on June 23 until 3pm on June 24 - unfortunately the event clashes with Glastonbury Festival.

Over 18,000 people have said they're attending the event in honour of troublesome Theresa - whilst 40,000 have expressed interest.

The description on the event reads: 'Privatised the NHS recently? Come join us for a cheeky frolick through fields of wheat, the farmers will love it.'

Andrew Velickovic commented on the event: 'Now this is a little naughty, isn't it!? Haha.'

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