This giant puzzle will piece together an amazing year

Dave Evans at work on the puzzle

Dave Evans at work on the puzzle - Credit: Archant

The world's biggest jigsaw puzzle is on its way to Norfolk – to go on display in the home of one of the world's best known puzzle fans.

The 19ft 6ins by 8ft brain teaser, featuring scenes from the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, will soon be on its way to feature in an exhibition including photographs of the monarch and cards from well-wishers, which is being staged in the ballroom at Sandringham.

Last night puzzle-maker Dave Evans from Weymouth, Dorset, said he was around halfway through cutting out the 40,000 pieces of the jigsaw.

'I've got 33 pictures which are approximately two-and-a-half feet by two,' he said. 'They all have to be aligned and cut so the picture builds up.

'I think we'll end up with just over 40,000 pieces, it would appear to be the biggest one anyone's ever made.'

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Father-of-two Mr Evans, who described his age as 'around about 60', has been making puzzles since he left school aged 15.

When his eyesight ruled out his dream career as an RAF fighter pilot, he ended up working for Victory Jigsaws, in Bournemouth – which had a very royal tester.

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'I was always good with my hands, so I took to it like a duck to water,' said Mr Evans. 'Victory used to occasionally send the Queen puzzles and she used to send comments back about the quality and standard of the puzzles.'

Even in those days, the royal puzzles did not have pictures on the boxes, because the Queen thought it made solving them too easy. To this day, jigsaws sent to the monarch arrive in plain cardboard boxes.

'About 10 years ago, I decided I wanted to do the world's biggest jigsaw, it would be my legacy,' said Mr Evans.

'But I could never decide what the picture should be, then last year, the Diamond Jubilee, I had a eureka moment.'

Mr Evans decided a puzzle depicting scenes from the jubilee year would have 'international significance', so he set to work.

When complete – in around three weeks' time – the puzzle will be shipped to Sandringham, to go on display with other Jubilee memorabilia.

Once complete, officials from Guinness World Records will decided whether it can claim a record. Since the position for the world's biggest jigsaw is currently vacant, it's chances would appear to be good.

At the end of the year, Mr Evans said it would be auctioned off for an as-yet undecided charity, for which it is expected to fetch £25,000.

He added he planned to make a limited edition run of 1,000-piece replicas of the giant puzzle. The first puzzle will be sent to the Queen –without a picture on its box, of course.

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