Third of young drivers stung with points on driving licence within a year of passing test

A third of young drivers get points on their licence within 12 months.

A third of young drivers get points on their licence within 12 months. - Credit: PA

Research has revealed that 34% of young drivers can expect to receive points on their licences within 12 months of passing their test.

One-third of first-time drivers in the UK will be hit with points on their licence within a year of passing their test, new research has revealed.

The survey of 2,457 motorists aged 18 to 25 also found that 11% of young drivers had had their licences revoked within two years of passing their test.

Participants, who had all held a valid licence for at least one year and owned their own car, were asked if they thought they were good drivers, with 89% believing they were.

They were then asked if they had ever received points on their licence, with 55% saying they had. Surprisingly, 34% said they had been given points within the first year of gaining their licence.

When asked if they still held a valid licence, 11%stated they didn't and had lost it within the first two years of driving.

Using a device such as a mobile phone while behind the wheel was the most common reason respondents had been hit with points, with 34% saying they had received points for that crime.

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Speeding followed, with 18% of participants being penalised with licence points for such offences, while 16% received points on their licence for dangerous driving.

The study also found that aside from those who get their first car as a gift, the average amount young people spent on their first vehicle was £940.

Of the respondents, 41% had to take their car to a garage following damage caused by 'reckless driving', while 21% had written a car off.

George Charles of said: 'Young, first-time drivers are often seen as reckless racers that have little regard for road rules and with results like this it's easy to see where this image comes from.

'It's sad as so many young people are fantastic drivers who take their safety and their cars' safety, which they probably have spent a lot of money on, seriously.

'Risking your life for a laugh or wasting money by having your licence revoked or car written off isn't funny or hard. It's pretty ridiculous.'

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