They’ve got their Mojo back: Cat burglar back home in Mundesley

A pet moggie became a real 'cat burglar' after going missing from her home in north Norfolk.

Mojo, an eight-year-old grey and white female cat, went missing on June 8, while new neighbours were moving into the courtyard in Mundesley where she lives.

But the tales of her adventures include her managing to make staff at a north Norfolk hotel think they had a burglar on their hands.

Mojo's owner Lisa Payne, 36, said she realised the pet was missing after a delivery van dropping something off for her neighbours had gone.

She said 'I knew they had a delivery van dropping something off and that Mojo is very nosy so I was concerned when my son Charlie said later on that Mojo had gone. We searched but could not find her.

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'We have had her since she was kitten and my son is now ten so he has grown up with her, he was devastated when we thought she was lost.'

She said as her new neighbours had gone away she was not able to get details of the van and where it had gone after visiting Mundesley until a week later.

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When she was able to ask where the next delivery had been she found out is was in Overstand High Street, so she went there and put up posters and knocked on doors to try and locate Mojo.

On Monday, June 27, she was contacted by the vets in Overstrand to say a cat had been brought in from Northrepps Cottage Country Hotel in Northrepps, near to Overstrand, which had been hanging around there for the past week, and when she went to investigate, she found it was Mojo.

Miss Payne, 36, then found out from Northrepps Cottage that they thought they really did have a 'cat' burglar.

It seems the cat had managed to get into the hotel by getting in via an open window. Staff thought a burglar had been on the premises and contacted police.

Avril Hemp, duty manager at Northrepps Cottage, said two guests had reported to her that they thought someone had tried to get into their room as there were marks on the window sill, although nothing had been taken.

She said she then contacted police who said they would send forensic people around to investigate, although the offer was declined as other guests were due to move into the room and there was nowhere else to put them.

She said they realised it was most probably the cat who had caused the trouble afterwards when a member of staff took the cat, who had been hanging around the cottage for around a week, to the vets and the vets recognised her as Lisa's cat.

Ms Hemp said; 'We are definitely sure it was the cat as there were no footprints in the room. We can see now it must have been the cat.'

The cat has now been reunited with the family and is resting up after her adventures.

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