Thetford roundabout repair delayed until the Spring

Damage to a mini roundabout adjacent to Thetford's market place.

Damage to a mini roundabout adjacent to Thetford's market place. - Credit: Archant

It looks like Thetford will have two eyesores at either end of its high street for the next few months at least after it was revealed that work to fix a roundabout would not go ahead until the Spring.

One side of the mini roundabout adjacent to the town's market place was badly damaged in a hit and run collision on Monday.

A quote for the repairs has been sourced for the work.

Norfolk County Council are responsible for fixing the roundabout and a spokesman for the authority said the work was unlikely to be finished until the Spring due to the materials involved.

She said: 'The flint wall is held together by lime mortar which is frost susceptible, so it [the contractor] won't be able to carry it out until the spring, probably late March, depending on what the weather's like.'

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The work is only expected to take a week to complete.

The delay means King Street now has the damaged roundabout at one end, and the damaged wall of St Peter's Church at the other.

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The church wall was damaged in November 2013 after a Savers lorry collided with it.

The wall, which is made of the same black flint and lime mortar as the roundabout, is yet to be repaired after it was complicated by the nearby graveyard.

Initial work is expected to begin shortly but the wooden barrier which is blocking the pavement on the corner of White Hart Street will stay in place.

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