Thetford man who was in his home when a tree crashed into it says outcome “could have been a lot worse”

A tree has fallen onto a house on Gloucester Way on the Abbey Estate, Thetford. Picture: Rebecca Mur

A tree has fallen onto a house on Gloucester Way on the Abbey Estate, Thetford. Picture: Rebecca Murphy - Credit: Archant

A man who was in his house when a tree crashed into it has said it 'could have been a lot worse'.

Liam Whisken, who shares the house on Gloucester Way on the Abbey Estate in Thetford with his partner Alison Godfrey, said it was a shock when the large tree landed on the house at around 2pm today.

Damage has been caused to the roof, fascia and guttering.

Tree surgeons are currently cutting down parts of the tree to make it safer and trying to work-out how to remove the bigger branches without causing more damage.

Mr Whisken said: 'It was a loud noise. I was just laying there and next thing I know the house shook.

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'I was shocked. When I first looked out I saw people standing and looking at the tree. It could have been a lot worse and luckily it isn't.'

Lizle Kolbeck-Small, who lives next door, said she heard a loud noise and is hoping no damage has been caused to her property.

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Another victim of Storm Doris is a staute which sits above the roof of Thetford's Guildhall.

A gust of wind has knocked it over, which has damaged a small section of the roof, and it is now caught on another part of the roof.

A spokesman for the town council said the statue will be removed tomorrow but they are not sure as to the extend of the damage caused to the roof.

It will be assessed tomorrow and a structural survey may be carried out due to the building's age.

The Market Place car park is closed for safety reasons.

Nun's Bridge also remains closed after a large tree fell and blocked the road at around 12pm today.

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